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    I’m not a huge pusher for weight loss pills. Most weight loss pills out there today promise the world and deliver you nothing. Aside from that, the mystery of not knowing what you’re taking and what its doing to your body is even scarier. But when you’re overweight (something I’ve struggled with my entire life) sometimes you just want an easy solution instead of putting in the work. For me, Im busy all day long so when the evening rolls around I want nothing more than to veg on my couch and stuff my face with pizza. Im not a morning person either. Im the kind of person who’s day doesn’t start until I’ve had atleast 3 cups of coffee. So working out in the morning is completely out of the question. On top of all of that, I travel so frequently that my workouts and eating habits are embarrassingly bad. Here are 3 Weight Loss Pills I’ve tried that although didn’t give me huge results, still had some added benefits in aiding in small amounts of weight loss.



    This one I had never even heard of until my sister in law told me about it. “Dr. Oz” brought this pill to fame a few years ago saying it produces “Rapid Belly Melt”. It’s derived from a plant called Coleus Forskolii root – which is supposed to boost metabolism and increase muscle mass. My sister in law really wanted to give it a try and asked me to try it with her so I did. Although I didn’t notice any “metabolism boost” or “increase muscle mass” I have to say it does a really good job at curbing my appetite. I take one in the morning when I wake up and I’m not hungry until lunch. I still have a protein drink for breakfast regardless of the hunger as I know thats the right thing to do, but as far as having intense hunger sensations or wanting to snack- Forskolin takes this all away. Because of this, I have noticed subtle weight loss- especially around my belly area. This is something I continue to take every morning as I find it an added benefit to my daily diet.



    White Kidney Bean Extract (Carb Blocker)

    I decided to try this as carbs are my absolute weakness. Most people crave ice cream and sweets and cookies- not me. Pasta. Bread. Those are MY sweets. So as you can imagine when I’m on a diet it is extremely hard to say no to these things. I came across White Kidney Bean Extract after decided to give it a try. It’s supposed to block carbs and starches to prevent them from being broken and turned into fat and sugar. So on those occasions when I broke down and stuffed my face with carbs I would pop 3 of these right before and surprisingly these worked! Again, no real weight loss on the scale but I could tell a definite difference in my belly area. Also, it acted almost like a fiber pill giving you the same beneficial outcomes at the stool as fiber does. (Sorry to be gross but its a fact you neeeeeed to know! 🙂 ) So if carbs are your weakness like they are for me I definitely recommend giving this a try!




    I saved this one for last because although it works, I don’t recommend trying it unless you’re really prepared to handle the side effects. The side effects of this pill far outweigh its benefits. The premise behind this pill is you take it with every fat-filled meal you plan to eat, and it binds with those fats you consume and keeps your body from absorbing them by flushing them through your system. SO like I said, side effects are basically you need to wear a diaper while taking this pill. There is no controlling how or when or where it will flush out of your system and if you’re not prepared it could easily turn into a really embarrassing situation. I did learn to eat less fatty meals just for the fact that I didn’t want to deal with the nasty outcomes. However I have to say, there was a tiny bit of satisfaction in actually getting to see this pill working.. (in multiple areas 😉 ) I didn’t lose a significant amount of weight but I overall felt slimmer and my clothes did fit better.


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