• 6 Secrets to Amazon You Probably Didn’t Know

    NaturallyNats | 6 Secrets To Amazon You Probably Didn't Know

    I love Amazon. Even more, I love my Prime account. Who doesn’t love free two day shipping? Cheap prices? Groceries delivered to your door? I could go on and on. By now I’m sure plenty of you are familiar with Amazon and all of its glorious offerings, but here are 6 things you probably didn’t know about Amazon and Amazon Prime.



    1. The Dash Button – Amazon Prime Members Only

    I don’t even know where to start. These little things have transformed my household completely- from empty shelves to always stocked at literally a click of a button. My husband and I fly through bottled water like nobody’s business. So I decided to try the SmartWater Amazon Dash Button. For $4.99 the little button ships to you (free, obvs) and after your first push of the button the $3.99 automatically gets credited back to you. You pick and choose exactly what you want shipped to you during the initial setup and the rest is history. We stuck that thing to our fridge and every time we reach for a bottled water and notice its getting low, another pack is at our doorstep in two days. They offer so many brands, I’ve even branched out to the glad, ziploc, Wellness Dog Food, bounty, and charmin! Easily one of my best purchases, and its free!



    2. Amazon My Habit
    This one is dangerous, especially if you’re a shopaholic like me. My Habit offers daily exclusive deals on anything fashion & beauty- clothes, jewelry, make up, sunglasses, you name it! The deals hit daily at 9am PT/12pm ET and last 72 hours. They offer up to 70% off on quality high end brands. The perk for Prime Members is you get Early Access to the deals ahead of everyone else! The only downside is your Prime free two day shipping does not apply, however they do offer a low flat rate shipping fee. I have yet to try this out but its definitely on my to do list- and when I do you’ll be the first to hear about it!



    3. Amazon Handmade

    Sometimes I get so involved in Amazon shopping that I forget that I can’t order my ENTIRE LIFE on Amazon, as much as I wish I could. One day I was searching on amazon for a personalized handmade item before I remembered duh! Im not on Etsy! As I’m typing in the etsy url to switch over I notice a little sign that says “Amazon Handmade” I instantly think theres no way Amazon would try to compete with ETSY. I instantly thought wrong. And even though their handmade item selection may not be as big as Etsy, its still pretty darn cool. The fact that I can shop “regular” items like paper towels and then flip over and buy personalized gifts just made Amazon that much more cooler. Seriously, they never stop AMAZing me. (See wha I did there? 😉 )



    4. Amazon Trade-In

    This one is pretty self explanatory. Have an old iPod laying around your house that no one uses anymore? How about those CDs you don’t need since everything is streamed from the internet now? Old video games? Tablets? Phones? Just them in on Amazon! All eligible electronics are listed on their trade-in portion of their website. From there you choose the condition of the item and it will give you a set price. Amazon then gives you a label to print for FREE shipping in sending this item in. In return– you receive an Amazon Gift Card for the trade-in amount to spend on anything you want on Amazon. Pretty neat huh? Right now on the trade-in screen Amazon is telling me that I can earn up to $843 based on trade in prices of the electronics I’ve purchased since opening my account. I better get selling!!!!



    5. Amazon Garage

    Another one that is pretty simple and self explanatory, and definitely makes your life a TON easier when searching for something related to your vehicle. Simple enter the details of your car/truck/suv whatever. Specify the make, model, year, type– you can even get down to specifics such as transmission, wheel base, engine, etc. From there, Amazon will show you parts, accessories, and all things related to your specific vehicle. So you’ll never have to wonder if a part you’re buying will work for your specific vehicle. Makes life just a little bit simpler, or in my case, simpler for my husband! 😉



    6. Amazon Reviews

    This one isn’t really a feature of amazon, more of just a friendly tip I learned along the way. I used to think if I wanted to find the best product on amazon I would refine my search my sorting products that only had 5 out of 5 stars AND the most reviews. I quickly learned this is the exact wrong thing to do. Here’s why: so many people today are getting paid for reviews. Products released onto amazon quickly offer incentives for people to leave “fake” reviews with 5 stars, most of the time without even having tried the product. This is especially dangerous when it comes to buying supplements or things you will actually be consuming. Be sure to do your research outside of Amazon on the brand of the product before purchasing. Ive spent one two many times buying a vitamin or a hair product I thought was legit, only to find no trace of the company on a quick google search. So just like you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover- don’t judge an amazon product by its reviews! I’m not saying this applies to every product. Most products on Amazon are actually legit. Its the ones that aren’t that you have to be careful to weed out of your searches.


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