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    Naturally Nats | Pins Im Crazy About

    I have some exciting news! My husband and I just bought a new house. As of late last evening we got an accepted offer on our dream home. In light of this news, I have been scouring Pinterest and Houzz like crazy for some inspiration. Below are some pins I’m crazy about when it comes to home decor.


    Naturally Nats | Home Decor Pins I'm Crazy About
    Pillows | Wall | Bench

    Im obsessed with bold stripes and glittery gold combos. I have to have this somewhere in my new house. Whether it be as simple as two pillows on the bed like the pin above or an entire piece of furniture, I really think it adds a fun flare to the home while simultaneously making it feel upscale and elegant. These are the up and coming trend right now when it comes to home decor and I have to say I’m definitely digging them!


    Naturally Nats | Home Decor Pins I'm Crazy About
    Top Left | Bottom Left | Right

    Who doesn’t love a cozy living room filled with big comfy pillows and blankets? Growing up, my mom always had furniture in our home that she said was meant for “looking not touching”. Whats the point if I can’t sit down on a couch at the end of the day and watch tv? Nobody wants to just LOOK at a comfy couch, they want to actually enjoy it! I think this is where my obsession for comfy living rooms sprung from. At the end of the day, this inviting and cozy living room just screams relax with me!


    Naturally Nats | Home Decor Pins I'm Crazy About
    Left Pillows | Right Pillows

    Like I mentioned above about the stripes and gold, another home style obsession I have is with patterns, especially in gold. These pillows are so fun, I NEED these somewhere in my new home. Chevron patterns are my absolute fave when it comes to home decor, and I know they’re overdone and really popular but I don’t even care- They add a spice to life!


    Naturally Nats | Home Decor Pins I'm Crazy About
    Left Tile | Right Tile

    Herringbone pattern floors! Its a new style seen on frequent HGTV shows and I have to say it looks absolutely fabulous. Its unique, which is exactly why I love them. But even with its uniqueness it still comes out elegant and classy, really jazzing up you’re typical average room. Im not sure I will be able to afford to re-do floors in my new home like this but a girl can definitely dream. Its on my honey-do list for sure! 😉


    Naturally Nats | Home Decor Pins I'm Crazy About
    Dog Wash | Dog Gate

    Last but not least- home perks for the doggies! If you knew me in real life you’d know that my two little dogs are my babies. They are my children, and I love them like I actually gave birth to them. Yes I’m that dog owner that buys them clothes, gets them only the finest toys, food, and treats; and yes they sleep in our bed cuddled up next to me every single night. Charlie is a mama’s boy. Lucy is a daddy’s girl. So why not have spots in our house dedicated to our little fur babies as well? I know that no matter what, I definitely would love NEED to have a dog bathing sink as amazing as the one in the pin above. My spoiled little pups could be even more spoiled with their very own bath tub. The doggy gate and wallpaper in the other pin doesn’t need much explanation other than they’re absolutely adorable add-ins to a home filled with dogs. 

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