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    You name it, I’ve tried them all. Jergins, Neutrogena, spray tans at Sun Tan City. All of them sufficed (some better than others) but at the end of the day lets face it- none of them compared to a REAL tan. That was until I came across a self-tan product called Loving Tan. I first saw it on Instagram, which I usually ignore almost all promoted products on Instagram due to the fact that I know most of them are people getting paid to promote these products. But after seeing enough before and after photos of Loving Tan I decided to give it a shot. This self-tan comes in mousse form in medium, dark, and ultra dark. They offer it in the traditional 6 hour developing time or they have a 2 hour express. I decided to try the 2 hour express in dark.

    Loving Tan

    First of all when it arrived I was in love with the packaging. The shiny, glitzy pink is so glam and made me even more pumped to try the product. Using their applicator mit (not included, a $15 extra). I pumped the mousse on and made my way around my legs in a circular motion. It went on creamy and smooth- and has a dark enough tint that I could see where I was applying it. It took about 15 minutes tops to apply the tan to my entire body (the back being the hardest to reach. I received their back applicator for free as part of a promo they were running but it didn’t really do the trick as well as if I just rubbed it in with the mit.) Once finished, I had an instant tan that looked as if I’ve been away on some tropical vacation for a week. It dried quickly and I could put my clothes on within 5 minutes after finishing the application. With the 2 hour mousse it says you are to wear it for 2 hours and you can shower it off after. The first time I tried it I did exactly as directed. When I got out of the shower I felt as though the tan had faded too much. So in future uses I now leave it on longer, sometimes overnight, and I find that I get a deeper richer tan that lasts a lot longer. (Which is possibly like their 6 hour mousse, however, I like the satisfaction of knowing it will only take 2 to achieve the tan to begin with.) Whichever way you choose– the tan that develops is actually a cocoa brown color without even a HINT of orange. I am almost fairly certain I couldn’t get this beautiful color of a tan if I actually tanned for real. Plus, it’s unbelievable the amount of compliments I get when wearing Loving Tan. People even ask what sunny place I’ve just returned from! It also lasts way longer than the other brands I’ve tried. I get a good solid 4-5 days of tan after one application, provided I moisturize on a daily basis. Another perk is that there is no unpleasant odor. It has a slight self-tan scent that most self-tanning products have but it’s definitely not overbearing and hardly noticeable.

    Some cons to Loving Tan are the price. It’s not cheap. (Products range from $35-$60) But if you’re a pale person like me and in need of some color I find it worth it. Also, it does rub off, but definitely not as easily as some other self tanning products I’ve tried. And again, don’t waste your money on the back applicator- it just makes the tan go on streaky and it’s not strong enough to actually withhold the rubbing motions you have to do to rub it in.

    I plan to use this for a long time. Its a quick and simple self-tan and easy to do in the comfort of your home. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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