• My Review of Trunk Club

    Naturally Nats | My Review: Trunk Club

    After a minor mishap (they sent me the wrong trunk!) I finally received my very FIRST trunk from Trunk Club! And let me tell you, it was everything I expected and MORE! If you’re wondering what Trunk Club is or how it works, check out my previous post on it here.

    Naturally Nats | My Review: Trunk Club

    After talking with Meredith, my stylist, over the Trunk Club app we arrived at a conclusion that due to my laid-back work dress requirements and my lack of motivation to dress up on a regular basis, this trunk would be strictly casual. Based on my Pinterest board she opted to do a soft color palette of pastel clothing for this trunk.. (which I obviously couldn’t argue with!) Upon opening the box I was greeted with soft pastel pinks and grays, and what did I just read on that jewelry box? Kate Spade? No…. she couldn’t have! How could she know me THAT well? It’s almost like she’s reading my mind! After I got over the shock that I had something so elegant as a Kate Spade awaiting me to open it- I glanced over at not one but TWO shoe boxes. Another score as shoes are my WEAKNESS. Honestly, what girl doesn’t love shoes? And to top it off, one of the boxes was labeled Steve Madden… I died.


    Naturally Nats | My Review: Trunk Club

    After I ever so violently tore into my trunk, which by the way is why I do not have any pictures of this process as I was extremely involved in ripping apart the ribbons and opening the boxes to try this stuff on ASAP- my email box dings and its an email from Meredith. Its an email outline all the different ways I can style my new items! What perfect timing! As I’m mixing and matching the styles I find that I definitely need to lose some of my winter pounds as one of the pants was NOT going to even come close to buttoning, and one of the casual dresses she sent was not at all the most flattering. I was bummed, however, the perk of Trunk Club is that I don’t have to be stuck with it! I put what didn’t fit back in the box, sealed it back up, and placed it on my front doorstep. Trunk Club scheduled my UPS pickup and all was said and done! Unbelieveably simple.  

    Needless to say I can’t wait for my next trunk, and I get to pick on my own when that will be which is a nice perk for my bank account. (If it were up to me I would be getting these suckers weekly!) Overall, I was very impressed! It had a lot more personalized and upscale feeling than Stitch-Fix. Plus they literally send your stuff in a (cardboard) Trunk! Seriously, if you’re in need of sprucing up your clothes game, definitely give it a try!

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