• Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club: My Review

    Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club

    I stumbled upon Stitch Fix right around the time they first launched. For someone like me who has never been very style savvy- this was right up my alley. Having my very own personal stylist to help me up my fashion game? Yes please! Within minutes of learning about Stitch Fix I started filling out my style profile, setting my budget, and off I was– receiving monthly (even sometimes bi-weekly) shipments. The concept is so simple– Keep the clothes you love, send back the ones you don’t. The postage is even prepaid too. The first few fixes were alright, but as time went on and my stylist got to know my taste and preferences as well as viewing my Pinterest style boards and she eventually evolved into sending me some really cute outfits. Stitch Fix does charge a $20 style fee, but its waived if you buy all 5 items in your fix. Ive been receiving StitchFix’s for about a year now and I can’t say I’ve had any complaints.

    Then a friend of mine told me about Trunk Club. It has basically the same concept as Stitch Fix however you get to preview and talk one on one more in depth with your stylist on your style preferences before they ship your clothing items to you. The clothing is a bit more expensive than Stitch Fix, however, it is an improvement in quality and brand. I decided to give it a try and so far I have to say that I do like the fact that I get to see what is coming to me ahead of time rather than having it be a surprise when it shows up at my door. My stylist, Meredith, talks with me one on one in the app as well as on the phone to really dig down deeper into styles I like and what I don’t. The surprise element with StitchFix was fun at first, but after awhile I just wanted to know up front what I was getting. With Trunk Club, you can also receive more than 5 pieces which is kind of a nice mix up. And the fact that you and your stylist have worked together on each trunk means that going forward you can start coordinating future styles with ones you’ve already received.

    Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club

    Another perk to Trunk Club is that not only do they credit you back for what you don’t end up keeping, they arrange for the shipping company to come to your house to pick up the return shipment. All you have to do is attach the included prepaid postage sticker and set it out on your front door step!

    Bottom line, If you’re looking for a quick “fix” (pun intended) on a budget and you’re pretty open to the element of surprise when it comes to your clothes, definitely give Stitch Fix a try. If you’re very picky about your clothes and don’t mind paying a little bit more for them but know exactly what will be arriving at your doorstep- go with Trunk Club.

    I receive my first Trunk from Trunk Club today, I will definitely update you all on my thoughts after I open it!

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