• Technology Tuesday: 5 Reasons I Love My Apple Watch

    Naturally Nats | Technology Tuesday - 5 Reasons I Love My Apple Watch

    I get the question almost daily. People look at the watch on my wrist and immediately exclaim “Is that an Apple Watch?!?!?!” of course I beam with pride and respond why yes it is! Then the very next question I always always always get is “Do you like it?” I have to say I’m a little shocked by the amount of people I run into that know very little about the Apple Watch, especially considering it is one of the leading fitness bands and activity monitors on the market. But then I also have to bring myself back down to reality and remember that I am also a huuuuuge apple geek. Not everyone completely embraces and falls in love with Apple like I do. So I decided to write this post for all those people that are wondering “What’s so great about the Apple Watch?” and answering why it is that I’m so in love with it.



    Easily see your notifications.

    Gone are the days of looking at my phone to see who texted or called. Now its just a buzz at my wrist and a glance down to see who I missed the latest phone call or text from. For texts, I can even click the notification and it opens the message for me to read. The only downside to this accessibility is if I check it while physically conversing with someone in front of me.. Then I immediately get a “Sorry if you’re in a hurry, I’ll shut up now!” and then I have to try and explain myself, which non-apple watch users never seem to appreciate the explanation regardless. 🙂



    It’s your own personal assistant

    Literally say “Hey Siri” to your watch and she will pick up whatever it is you ask her. “Hey Siri, whats the weather like?” she’ll show you the current temperature for your location. Personal tasks, reminders, she’s got it all. Even “Hey Siri, whats my heart rate?” yep, she will show you that too. Which brings me to my next point….

    Naturally Nats | Technology Tuesday - 5 Reasons I Love My Apple Watch


    You’re a swipe away from your heart rate at any given time

    This is especially great for working out. Sometimes when I work out I think I’m pushing myself when I’m actually really not. To gauge the amount of effort I’m putting into my workouts and making sure I burn optimal calories, I constantly check my heart rate on my watch. I haven’t actually compared it to an actual heart rate monitor to know how accurate it is, but I have to say that 98% of the time it seems to be pretty accurate. Sometimes when I can just feel my heart racing when I’m sitting at my desk at work, I’ll check it. You can also combine this feature with numerous apps out now that will alert you if your heart rate is getting too high or low. The apple watch has your back in life or death situations, who  can argue with that?!



    Seemless Integration

    By seamless integration I mean that what you do on your phone easily transfers to your watch and vice versa. Most of the apps on my phone are in some way shape or form on the watch as well. Probably my favorite phone app to use on my watch is the Starbucks. Yes, I have a slight Starbucks addiction. And yes I will wait in a long line for over 20 minutes just to get my Grande Mocha. However, when I pull up to the window instead of pulling out a credit card or even my phone to pay for my drink, I pull out my watch. They’re always so surprised and excited when I do this.. so double points for it just making someones day. But with just one scan of my Starbucks card barcode on my watch, my drink is paid for and my Starbucks app is updated to reflect the purchase. The down side to this? You’ll forget other stores aren’t as cool and shove your watch in the next drive thru employee’s face when it comes time to pay. Turns out they don’t find it as exciting as Starbucks does..



    Naturally Nats | Technology Tuesday: 5 Things I Love About My Apple Watch


    It holds you accountable to staying healthy.

    I’m not going to dwell on all of the awesome fitness features the watch has as most are well aware that it has mostly everything your average fitness band has. (Calories burned, steps taken, flights climbed, etc.) However, there are two accountability features the watch does offer that most other bands do not. The first feature is the “Stand” feature. The watch will remind you every hour on the hour to stand if you haven’t had any activity in awhile. It will buzz at you and tell you to stand. However, just standing up and sitting back down will not count. You actually have to get off your butt and move around. This I like, and its also a wake up call as to how inactive I can be on some days. To top it off, it records your standing hours in a daily chart so you can see how you compare to other days or even other people. My husband likes to compete with me on this since he gets up at 4am for work that at the end of the day he has way more stand hours than I do. Talk about an unfair advantage!
    The second accountability feature I love involves getting a third party app called “WaterMinder“. I’m absolutely horrible about remembering to drink water during the day. Im the worst at hydrating myself and can get so caught up in a day that I only drink about 1 bottle of water tops for the entire day. WaterMinder helps me with this. It sets my goals for how much water I should be drinking during the day. From there, it sends me reminders to drink water. Also from the watch I am able to log the water I do drink. Again, integrating with the app on the phone makes my water intake that much more efficient. (Pro Tip: Don’t yell at WaterMinder for over-reminding you to drink water. It will not listen to you!)



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