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    Im a huge technology nerd, so each week I am going to highlight some of my favorite tech purchases. This week I give you The Nest. There are two products by Nest that I have that I am in LOVE with. The Nest Cams and The Nest Learning Thermostat.

    The Nest Learning Thermostat

    The Nest Learning Thermostat

    It has literally been a lifesaver for us. We travel frequently and have two cats that stay home while we do. Not only that, when we are home we are working 9-5s and our two dogs are at home all day every day. Living in Iowa, our weather flip flops like no other. It can be sunny and 70 one day and 20 and snowing the next. This little guy helps us stay prepared all from the comfort of our smart phones.

    Not only is it easy to install (literally involved popping off our old thermostat and replacing it with the Nest) its a lot smarter than your average thermostat. A lot smarter. We like it cool at night. We sleep better when the air is colder in our room. So before bed we set the temp a few degrees lower. Over the next few days the thermostat remembers this and programs it for you. Same goes for mornings, we like it a bit a warmer in the mornings and it remembers that too! You can set schedules via your smartphone which means optimal heat and cool settings- saving you energy as well.

    The Nest Thermostat

    Speaking of the energy savings, it tells you when you are and aren’t saving energy. It shows a green leaf when operating at energy efficient ranges. Aside from that, it sends monthly reports on your efficiency. With home and away modes, you can optimize efficiency when you are away. It also senses when people are in the house and operates based on movement. This functionality doesn’t apply to me as our thermostat is located down a hallway and not our main living area.

    The Nest Thermostat

    If you have a bit of cash to spend its definitely worth it, especially since it essentially pays for itself in the savings on your heating and cooling bill.


    The Nest Cam

    The Nest CamNow for my most favorite product by the Nest: The Nest Cam.
    My husband bought these for me as a Christmas gift as I had always wondered what our dogs do when they are home alone all day.
    Omg I’m in love.. ❤

    Like the Thermostat, it was SUPER easy to setup. Plugged it into a wall outlet, picked a place to set it, followed some easy setup prompts on the app and I was off- creepin on my pups at all hours of the day. I quickly learned via the Nest Cam that they really don’t do much during the day. They sleep all. day. long. Using the cam I could zoom in and out on them and the quality is great! Best of all, I can TALK to them through the camera! And listen to any sounds they make. These cameras became my new obsession. So much so that I bought 5 more.  😯 Now I can monitor my driveway when I’m not home, my front door for any packages, my back yard for any trespassers, and my basement for any cat disasters!

    The Nest Cam

    The only downside to the cameras is you must have high speed internet to have them function normally. We don’t. We live on the outskirts of town and barely get 3 mbps. It drives me absolutely crazy. Because of this, the quality of the video is very low and the cameras take awhile to load. Ive found a way around this is to turn off all but one camera, then turn on others as needed. We plan to move in the very near future, otherwise id look into upgrading our internet. But for now this works, and as you can tell from the picture above, it could be worse!

    I will admit that these little guys are not cheap. But for home security and dog watching I think its worth the price compared to a professional wired-in system. Another perk is their subscription service. For $5-10 dollars a month you can get 10 to 30 day recorded video so you are able to playback any movement caught on camera. You can even time-lapse or make short clips. Ive caught some really epic moments let me tell you. Just know that its no longer a mystery when someone leaves an item on my doorstep. Smile, you’re on Nest Cam Camera! 🙂



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